Month: February 2013

Trip to Matheran by Budgetyatri

Matheran – I started my travel journey from here

Matheran was the first trip when we stepped out of the doors with a bit of nervousness and lots of excitement. It was natural though. When we are not in our comfort zone, certainly it makes us act over-cautious. It was way back in 2008, Matheran was not more than 100 kilometers from Bhayandar where we live. Technically, there wasn’t planning needed, still, I was ready with my Pen and paper. Planning the journey details You can address me a detailed planner and respecting this, I started preparation two weeks before. I along with Rajkumar, Sachin and Ravikant began working on the route, allotted time to each destination, fixed targets and so on.  But what fun it is when everything goes as per the plan 🙂 I have a dinosaur in my group so the next thing was to make the arrangement of food for him. Packed biscuits, wafers, farsan, chocolates, Dabur Glucose, etc. One of us begged his girlfriend for Digicam. A digital camera was nothing less than fantasy for us. The excitement was …