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Memorable sunset of Guhagar beach – Konkan bike trip – 3

From Dabhol lighthouse we moved ahead to Guhagar. Guhagar is around 15 km from Anjanvel. Guhagar is a pretty small and straight town with an awesome beach and windy surrounding. Search for the night stay in Guhagar Our priority was to get in a decent hotel/cottage anything and then proceed with sightseeing. We had around 1 hour to settle ourselves before the sun sets. Soon the search started getting troublesome. Every hotel lodge we visited, turned us down. They were not ready to listen. Just kept repeating that there is no room for singles and only family is allowed. Half an hour passed and we were still on road. My eyes went on a wall next to road ‘rahnyachi uttam vyavastha aani gharguti jevan milel’. Called that person, the wall which had the advertisement was nothing but his store. We settled the deal for Rs.500, it was much cheap in that area when compared with other hotels in Guhagar. That man opened the mystery why we were rejected from all places. He said ‘aap jaise hi …

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Why we loved Anjanvel – Konkan bike trip – 2

Read the previous and the first post Thane to Dapoli here.  From Dabhol jetty, we rode towards Anjanvel gaon. And from there a road goes to the left towards a small village. Some photos from the Dabhol I believe this brings lots of memories for many of us! En route lies the controversial ENRON power plant. After the village, a kutcha road on the left takes you to Anjanvel lighthouse.   Anjanvel lighthouse   The lighthouse is at the end of the plateau. Gates leading towards the lighthouse was closed. I waited outside with bike and luggage while Vishwanath went inside and returned with the good news. Almost all the lighthouses remain open from 3 PM – 5 PM. And we were there around 4:15 PM. Took my bike inside and parked it there. The place seemed deserted but it was nicely maintained. ……. Loved by readers: 5 travel tips that will keep you fit on the road ……. The compound had beautiful flowers blooming. But the keeper was nowhere there. I was wondering who did Vishwanath …

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Planning and beginning – Konkan bike trip – 1

Konkan has always fascinated me with its soul-soothing coconut gardens and pristine beaches. Bike trip to Konkan was certainly something I wished to do. Sagari Mahamarg Some 20 days before the trip, as usual, I was going through travel and biking forums when my eyes got stuck on a word  ‘Sagari Mahamarg’. To me, it sounded like a fiction word. It was making me restless. Next day in office I went through the list of national holidays. Got my leaves approved for the long weekend in October. Initially, the Konkan Darshan was a solo for me but later my friend joined me. Planning the route: Luckily this was the most beautiful part of the tour. None of the Jetty made us wait.  Just as we used to do during Engg days, figured out the routes and halting stops in the last week very loosely. This becomes quite difficult when you struggle between the time you have and locations to explore. I started several times but left the job hanging as things didn’t balance out well. As the route …