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Travelling to India and need guide or assistance

You are traveling to India and looking for a local to assist in pre-planning or some kind of assistance. You can get in touch with me and I can help you in a countless ways.

Few things where I can assist you

1. Mumbai has lots and lots of shopping locations. I can accompany you for shopping along the street vendors, electornic items, jewellery, clothing, dash dash dash to make your shopping experience safe and trouble free.

2. Pre-planning

  • Acquaint you with very very important Do’s and Dont’s for your travel in India
  • Get you something that you forgot and need it badly.
  • Arrange necessary medicines. Send me the list and I will keep it ready.
  • Camera items like Memory Cards, Tripods if you are planning to get it here itself.
  • Maps and Magazines (Lonely Planet India Guide)
  • Rent you my motorcycle for a couple of days. That would be pretty cheap 😀
  • Multi-Socket power adapter suited for Indian plugs
  • …..etc.

It will go like, you send me the list of items and approximately 50% of the amount. I ll get the items and keep it with me. When you are here, I will deliver it in person and get the remaining amount.

Tour guide and Charges:

You can hire me as your local tour guide for Mumbai. We can have a fantastic bicycle ride through the green cover of National Park, walk along the marine drive, visit popular temples, get snapped at Gateway of India and many other activities.

Unfortunately, I can be walking along with you only on weekends. My full day guide charges are 50% lesser than any tour operator in Mumbai.

Why am I doing this? The reason is I feel like doing and during my tours, I felt it would have been wonderful if I had a local friend to assist.

Reach me:

Email me at and I will share my contact number for further communication.



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