Month: November 2013

Bhandardara travel blog

Bhandardara – A monsoon retreat

Share it onFacebookTwitterGoogle+LinkedinemailPrintWandering is in the instinct of human being. Although we love to settle at one place, our inner being keeps pricking us to go out, roam, see something new. When a similar feeling flows in more than one soul a group is formed. This time, we were a group of six and destination was Bhandardara. A beautiful monsoon retreat. Extremely pleasant to eyes are the lush green hills, numbers of gently flowing streams. Shallow rivers asking you to remove your sandals and drop your feet to  feel the running water. Rural folks busy in their daily chores, some busy with their Bullocks in a small patch of land on the corner of a hill, some herding cows with hand built bamboo raincoat on their head. It was Friday night we decided to leave Mumbai and catch the Igatpuri bound train. All of us assembled at Dadar railway station. The train was late and was a bit crowded. Mumbai to Igatpuri does not take more than 3 Hours (~180 Kms). We caught the train …