Month: July 2014

Chai break enroute Nandi Hills

Nandi Hills: Bike Trip To The Misty Mountain

Share it onFacebookTwitterGoogle+LinkedinemailPrint I never knew Nandi Hills would such be a wonderful place to visit near Bangalore until the night before the ride. I was in Banglore in last week of November 2013 with some personal stuff. Vishwanath (my friend in Bangalore) and I were planned to utilize the free day we had on 24th November 2013. Here is a short background. We were in Hebbala (north of Bangalore city) around 55-60km from Nandi Hills. Somehow, we had managed an interesting version of Pulsar 150. The bike was without RVM, I wonder what fun people get that they remove their mirrors and keep it safely in their house. RVM are very important and must for riders safety. Further, applying rear brakes would not reduce even 1 kmph speed unless the brake almost touched the ground, the electric start was not functional, the dashboard was completely gone. Ignoring all this it was decided to start the bike trip at 4:30 AM. We decided to start early just because the only thing interesting at Nandi Hills was Sunrise (this is what we read …