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Rishikesh to Gopeshwar – Bike trip to Uttarakhand – 2

Bike trip to Uttarakhand

I was on my Bajaj Avenger hired from Mountain Fox motorcycles in Rishikesh. Today’s halt was Gopeshwar  220km from Rishikesh. Luggage loaded and geared up, left the place. Went back to Hrishikesh petrol pump and filled up the tank.

This was the first time I was riding in the Himalayas. Basically, it was Raid de Himalaya for me. The morning was quite chilly. To make myself comfortable, I decided to ride first 25-30 kilometers with a decent speed.

rishikesh bike trip, budgetyatriNear Byassi

trees in himalaya

Rishikesh – Ganga flowing down the mountain

rafting in rishikesh
Rishikesh – Night camping tents on the shore of Ganga

25 rupees Kadhi Chawal in a Dhaba in Srinagar:

Roads turned worst after Deoprayag and continued till Srinagar. It was 1:30 PM and I was hungry. I was looking for some small Dhaba to have my lunch. Found one just before the Srinagar town starts on the right-hand side of the road.

Kadhi chawal was ready. Every bit was delicious and the quantity was much more than what I had expected. In the 15 minutes discussion with the Dhaba owner, he shared how difficult it is to fetch good dahi and other stuff from nearby places. When I asked him what’s my bill, to my surprise, he said ‘matra pachhisrupye sir’.  I gave him 40 rupees, that humble man was reluctant to accept. But I was not going to take it back either.


  nice dhaba in Srinagar uttarakhand

 Dhaba where I had my lunch

Journey through the Prayag’s:


Resuming the journey, I rode through the towns of Srinagar, Rudraprayag, Karnaprayag and Nandprayag. These are a whole lot of awesome places. From Rudraprayag straight road goes to Badrinath and left one goes to Kedarnath. At Rudraprayag, Alaknanda from Badrinath and Mandakini from Kedarnath merges to become Bhagirathi.

Deoprayag sangam, uttarakhand scenic photos
Beautiful scene of Devprayag Sangam


Roads are pretty good after Srinagar right up to Joshimath with a few bad patches in between. Anyhow, riding in the mountains is fun. Throughout the route, I was moving by the gushing river down the road and green pointed leaf of Pine trees on both the sides of the road.

budgetyatri, bike trip to badrinath

 Enroute Chamoli

pine trees himalaya, budgetyatri

 Pine tree leaf – Enroute Chamoli

motorcycle in uttarakhand himalayas
Enroute Chamoli
Budgetyatri, travelogues of bike trips in himalayas

Alaknanda flowing down the valley


landslide in mountains uttarakhand, bike rides

 Landslide hot zone en route Chamoli

alaknanda in uttarakhand

 River Alaknanda

himalayan sunrise, mountains in uttarakhand

Himalayan Sunrise


Just before the town of Chamoli a right turn down the road goes to Gopeshwar. Gopeshwar is 10 km inside from the highway and falls in Chamoli district of Uttarakhand. It is a scenic and quiet hill town with beautiful people around. It was around 6 PM when I reached Gopeshwar GMVN. The GMVN rest house is right in the main market opposite to bus depot.

Unloaded my luggage and went inside the office. I was surprised they knew I was Niraj Yadav and they were expecting me by 6 PM. Good. I had a booking in Dormitory. It was on the second floor. Resthouse was clean and tidy. Dormitory beds and covers were clean too. The washroom was functional. What else do you want in Rs. 110 !!

Started the geyser and took a nice warm water bath. I was the only occupant in the 10-bed dormitory. Ordered a Thali in the GMVN restaurant on the ground floor but it was not that good.

Later, went on the second floor and stood looking at the movements of the crowd in the mini market functional just outside the GMVN. Trust me, such scenes are very involving and it makes me nostalgic.
Planned things for tomorrow, as I was not sure how far would I be able to get towards Badrinath. But I was determined whatever be the situation I will give my try my best.

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