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Along the Kosi River on Bike : 1 – Beginning

  This is the first post of my Kosi river trip. I toured the entire length of Kosi river in India under my Anaadi River Project. Let me introduce you one of the oldest rivers of the Indian subcontinent. Kosi River – An Introduction Kosi river is quite ancient you can say older than the Himalayas. She takes birth on the higher altitude of the Himalayas in Nepal and then rolls through the lower hills of Nepal before entering India in Bhimnagar. From Bhimnagar she flows through Supaul and Saharsa district eventually meeting Ganga near Kursela in Bhagalpur district. She is called Sapta Kosi in Nepal due to seven tributaries she has in Nepal. Kosi is titled as sorrow of Bihar, dayan (witch) and sometimes mother by the people of Bihar. People living along the bank of Kosi river do not stop cursing her as soon as heavy monsoon begins making her swell her banks. Whatever people name her, but for me, Kosi is very very special. Not because I am from Bihar and she flows …