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Interview of a Road Racer


Hello guys. You all will be excited to meet our today’s guest. It was very difficult to connect with him due to his busy schedule. Popularly called Road Racer, we are the first one to interview Mr. Binahel.

Welcome, sir!

Would you like to introduce yourself to our new audience?

Mr. Binahel:
Hello, friends. I am sure you all know me. Yes. You must have probably seen me many times, either vrooming through the narrow city roads, zipping fast on the empty fly over with that loose unbuttoned Shirt filled with air and a nice pair of floaters.  Remember? Yes, there you are!!


Thank you for your sweet introduction. We have heard that people use slangs for you when you pass them on your motorcycle? Is it true?

Mr. Binahel:
No, that’s not completely true. They are losers!

Do you know one thing? I was loved by everyone, particularly young boys. And when I use to pull that throttle, all the heads turned towards me. I use to be the centre of attraction, a head-turner.


Okay. Could you please share with us how was your childhood?

Mr. Binahel:
Why not? I was born in a well to do ‘Metwala’ family. I was super daring, right from my baby days. You know my mother use to say, I was not even afraid to roll on my shit.

I remember my first day at high school. I was riding my new Cycle. An autorickshaw wala dodged me on the road. I got furious. How can a 3 number challenge a 2 number?

To make the competition tough, I lifted my front wheel. Now I was on number 1. I made that rickshaw wala bite his nails. I made him taste defeat. That’s another story that, I was found lying unconscious in the gutter along with my cycle.
That was my spirit. Defeat NEVER!!!



Great! When and how did you get your motorcycle?

Mr. Binahel:
That day, I turned nineteen. My father asked me to come outside of our house. Wow!! A 200cc sports bike for me. That was something like my dream come true. Now, I don’t have to beg my friends for a race.

Papa also gifted me a shiny round material with a glass window in front. It looked pretty costly. I asked him what it is? He said something like, ‘This is your second Life!’ I daddy is funny by the way. He doesn’t know I am now 19 and I need NO toys. I kept it safely in my store room.


That sounds exciting! But how did your life ended?

Mr. Binahel:
The very next day I was vrooming on the East-West flyover. The flyover was completely empty. I twisted the throttle hard, soon I was riding in 3 digit speed.
The air seemed so fresh, my hair was flowing like anything.
Screeeeehhh. I failed to manoeuvre a big pot hole. My front brake locked…………….

I know nothing what happened later. I heard people saying who rushed towards me. OMG, his skull is wide open.

The other one said I saw him riding, he must be surely above 100 kmph. Take a look at his bike, not a single scratch. Poor fellow! So young he seems. I can’t imagine what will happen to his mother father when they will hear the news.

Good. How is the helmet now?

Mr. Binahel:
It’s perfectly fine lying in the storeroom. Shining as fresh one and without a single scratch.


Ooh Great! What do you now?

Mr. Binahel:
Considering my skills, I was employed by an MNC Yamlok Pvt. Ltd. I am a Lead executioner. Full time in 2 wheeler segment.

What are you supposed to do here?

Mr. Binahel:
Nothing, just harvest the souls of road racers 😀

Any message for your fans?

Mr. Binahel:
Save yourself from me. If you want to take motorcycle racing as a profession or as a serious hobby read this link.


Respect your life and respect others life. Spend on a good helmet, that will protect your valuable brain. And yes don’t leave it at home 🙂

Your suggestions are priceless for me. Do leave your feedback about the post…

Note: This story is a work of fiction inspired by a true story.



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  1. Too good man! I initially thought it was a real interview. Strong message you have send through this blog post.

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