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A motorcycle tool kit to save you from breakdown horror

Share it onFacebookTwitterGoogle+LinkedinemailPrintSo you have been continuously hitting numerous sites in search of a perfect list of motorcycle tool kit for your long trips. But like me, you too returned confused and disappointed. Wouldn’t it be a horrible scene that you are riding in a remote land and your motorcycle tyre gets a puncture or the bike refuses to start? Riders have a wonderful habit of ignoring the toolkits unless they face a breakdown. We live under the conception that baby tools under the bike seat will do the job. Frankly speaking, at best they can be used for removing a spark plug and tightening up rear view mirror screws. Now, don’t come to me and fight for the value of baby tools. How dare you to speak about the baby tools, don’t speak if you know nothing 😀 Long distance motorcycle touring is not a joke. Any moment can change into a life-threatening scene. But carrying everything mentioned on different sites is plainly not feasible. We all want our luggage to be as light as possible. That is the …