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Normal tyre pressure for motorcycle

Why tyre pressure is important for motorcycle riders

Share it onFacebookTwitterGoogle+LinkedinemailPrintTyre pressures are the most important check that is plainly ignored when it comes to motorcycling. Do you remember when did you check your tyre pressure consciously? Do you know what should be the normal pressure of rear and front tyres of your motorcycle? A lesser or over-inflated tyre does not only risk your motorcycle but can also be fatal to your life. But no worries! We will go through the bare minimum that every bike rider should be aware of, particularly the long distance tourers.   Considering the fact that the whole motorcycle runs on tyres, it makes extremely important to gauge the health of tyres timely. A less/over inflated tyre may reduce the handling capability and loss of traction and in some cases bursting of tyres. I will share you my story, which made me realise how important tyre pressures are. I was riding an Enfield Thunderbird 350cc loaded with around 190 Kilogrammes on the Yamuna Expressway. The 165 km stretch from Greater Noida to Agra is certainly one of the …