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Cycling to office India

My one year of cycle to work in Mumbai

  Cycle to work was a long-cherished dream popping time and again to see the sky. In February 2017, I got my childhood crush back in my life. Purchased a used cycle from OLX and rode 30km the first day after 12 years. It was a pleasure for my thighs: D I parked my cycle near Andheri railway station inside a closed pay and park. Got the monthly parking charges negotiated Rs.550. My office is opposite Infiniti mall on New Link road. So the route was going to be Andheri station to Infiniti Mall. Total distance of one way was not more than 5 Km max. First Day of Cycle to Office On the day one, I got the cycle repaired a bit. Height of the seat was low and it was painful for my knees. It took me a week to find 15-inch seat rod. Rest of the thing was just okay. First week was tiring. I was not used to too much Stop and Go. Traffic and metro construction has practically made half the road unusable. When I …

Normal tyre pressure for motorcycle

Why tyre pressure is important for motorcycle riders

Tyre pressures are the most important check that is plainly ignored when it comes to motorcycling. Do you remember when did you check your tyre pressure consciously? Do you know what should be the normal pressure of rear and front tyres of your motorcycle? A lesser or over-inflated tyre does not only risk your motorcycle but can also be fatal to your life. But no worries! We will go through the bare minimum that every bike rider should be aware of, particularly the long distance tourers.   Considering the fact that the whole motorcycle runs on tyres, it makes extremely important to gauge the health of tyres timely. A less/over inflated tyre may reduce the handling capability and loss of traction and in some cases bursting of tyres. I will share you my story, which made me realise how important tyre pressures are. I was riding an Enfield Thunderbird 350cc loaded with around 190 Kilogrammes on the Yamuna Expressway. The 165 km stretch from Greater Noida to Agra is certainly one of the best roads …


Interview of a Road Racer

Hello guys. You all will be excited to meet our today’s guest. It was very difficult to connect with him due to his busy schedule. Popularly called Road Racer, we are the first one to interview Mr. Binahel. Welcome, sir! Would you like to introduce yourself to our new audience? Mr. Binahel: Hello, friends. I am sure you all know me. Yes. You must have probably seen me many times, either vrooming through the narrow city roads, zipping fast on the empty fly over with that loose unbuttoned Shirt filled with air and a nice pair of floaters.  Remember? Yes, there you are!! Interviewer: Thank you for your sweet introduction. We have heard that people use slangs for you when you pass them on your motorcycle? Is it true? Mr. Binahel: No, that’s not completely true. They are losers! Do you know one thing? I was loved by everyone, particularly young boys. And when I use to pull that throttle, all the heads turned towards me. I use to be the centre of attraction, a …