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quechua camping tent t2 t2 user review India

User review: Quechua T2 and T3 camping tent in India

Quechua is well-known in India when it comes to hiking and camping. I travel solo on motorcycles and with friends on treks. To experience camping we purchased two tents Quechua T2 and Quechua T3 from Decathlon, Thane. You can buy Quechua tents in India from here. I would suggest you to visit their store rather than purchasing online. When I bought the tents, it was Rs.1000 cheaper in the store. We got T2 in Rs. 2000 and T3 tent in Rs. 3000 in 2015. These are not 2 seconds popup tent, they are different. The excitement to set the tent and get inside it was making us restless. Soon the monsoon arrived in India and with this our trekking season started. I live in Maharashtra. A significant part of Maharashtra is covered with Sahyadri mountain range. That is the reason we have too many hills and forts to trek. Check out some of the spots here and here . Review of Quechua tent T2 Tent is much lighter than Quechua T3. It weighs around 2.5 Kilogram. …